Sometimes, regardless how much you try, things in recruitment don’t go your way. When this happens I cheer myself up spending time on r/recruitinghell.

It’s a funny, albeit occasionally scary insight into the lack of empathy some people put into recruitment. If you’re one of the good ones, and you’re having a bad day — a little time here will confirm you’re doing it right.

It shows why recruiter bashing is an increasingly popular pastime for candidates. When I see some of the crap that gets churned out it’s no surprise us agency recruiters get a bad rep.

We’ve all…

We (RedSofaBerlin) kicked off 2021 with our salary survey. A comprehensive overview of pay for employers & employees in the Berlin tech & creative scenes. Both find this benchmarking useful. It helps employers understand how fair/competitive their salaries are, & informs employees how their pay weighs up against the market.

Off the back of our salary survey I was lucky enough to be invited to the panel for Open Space UX’s first event — tackling pay gaps & equality in the Berlin tech scene. I’ve spoken with 1000’s people in the Berlin design scene over the years, thankfully the gender…

Anyone who’s suffered me early in the morning will know 2 things. One — I am one of those annoying people whose full of energy first thing. Two — I love eating what’s been referred to as “random s***” for breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy pouring oat milk on my cornflakes as much as the next person. Do I spice it up with a Huevos ranchos on the weekend? Of course! But if I’ve learnt anything in 2020, it’s that life is too short to have a dull breakfast routine on weekdays. …

This lovely illustration is courtesy of Andrew Wernda

Building tech companies is complicated; this is why my job exists, and why you get so many specialist recruiters these days.

Thing is, most people don’t really understand the work that goes into finding someone a job. Hence I thought it would be fun to elaborate on what it is I actually do!

This is as much for my friends who don’t work in recruitment, as it is for perspective clients, so here goes.

BD — Does this stand for boring day? No it stands for business development, and it’s as fun as you want to make it.

Technically recruitment…

This is from an illustrator called Will Berry. Be sure to check him out.

Designing a successful recruitment process

Most days I spend my time looking at 3 things — recruitment, design, and rare 80’s funk Gems. Today I’m going to write about two of them.

Most days around 15:45 I hit the wall’. Marathon runners get it -turns out I can achieve this whilst stationary!

Whilst runners push through it, I down tools & hop on my bike to clear my mind. This is when it hit me.

A great deal of Product Design is simplifying complex problems…this is also what recruiters spend most their time doing.

I’m not the first to highlight the importance of candidate experience…

Rory Colgan

I recruit Product Design for start-ups in Berlin and make tasty food.

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